Wednesday 11 November 2009

Happy Birthday!

It's Jeff's birthday today. :D

(Even though he insists that he hasn't had a birthday in years... ;)

I *was* going to put up a few pictures of him today... but then my computer decided it needed a Windows update. And, then it wanted to restart. So, I let it. And now, is says that it can't start because an important file is corrupt.

Sigh. And grrrrrrr....

Therefore, I can't access my pictures.

So instead of one of mine, here's one that Ethan took last year on his little camera.

Happy 35th Birthday, honey! :D


  1. That picture is awesome! Ethan did a good job. :)

    Yay birthday! Yay Jeffie! :D

  2. 35, wow, so young. Did you get cake????? Adeena makes the BEST cake.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    And I heard he got Decadent, delicious cake, and Pizza!!!

    Spoiled, I say.


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