Saturday 17 October 2009

A Medieval Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year in an unusual way. It was a Medieval party!! The reason was because a certain little princess had her sixth birthday in Sept., and due to the weather, didn't get her party on her birthday weekend.

So instead we celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving Day, since we were all going to be together anyway!

We had an ogre...

or two... (Can you hear him saying "Get.. in.. my.. belly!!")

A Green Dragon...

A Pink Princess...

A Monk...

A Dashing young knight...

The Grim Reaper and the King... (and the Queen in the background)

And, best of all...

Our Official Jester.

There were many quests for the young warriors...


And Balloon popping included.

And, don't forget our scary Blue Dragon was there, too!

And last of the picture show...

Our Lame Duckling.

It was so much fun, that all the kids now want to have their own Medieval Birthday Party!

How was your Thanksgiving?



  2. Yeah, you got some great pictures.

    I am so glad it was fun. It coulda been warmer, IMHO.

    Love your new header, too. Very cool.

  3. Your new header is rockin'!! That was fun, except for the ~cold~, we need to play dress-up when it's warmer, and when I have money. :)

  4. Awww! Poor lame Duckling!

    Arg, I wish I had taken more pictures! I only got a few before my baby started squawking, and then it was so cold outside I didn't want to go back out!

    You got some really good ones! I love the picture of Linda, it's awesome!


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