Wednesday 28 October 2009

Hello. My name is Joe.

and I work. in. a button factory.... (you're welcome... mwahahahaha.... ;)

This is Joe.

He showed up a few weeks ago. Skinny and frightened. He's still a little skinny, but since we've been feeding him, he's slowly fattening up.

He's a really lovely kitty.

If I didn't already have two kitties in the house, I would adopt him. But, since I do, he remains a shed kitty... despite his best efforts to become something else. ;)

Since he's such a nice kitty, I have to ask...

Anybody want a house cat?


  1. oh he's pretty! But us Bells and cats don't mesh well. :(

  2. He's beautiful but we have adopted several "show ups" lately too.

  3. Awwww!!

    My husband hates cats. Not all cats, just cats in general. Hence, I shall not ever be allowed to bring home a cat. He made me promise before he would marry me, lol! ;)

    Beautiful kitty, though! Keep him as a shed kitty! :)


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