Thursday 24 September 2009

She made the wall!

I can't believe it. Hannah is already 8 weeks old!

In our house, once you reach 8 weeks old, you get your picture on the wall. (And yes, for you OCD people out there, I know the pictures aren't even - I was trying to use the holes that were already in the wall... looks like there's going to be a few more. ;)

Isn't she a great addition? :)

We've been weighing Hannah since we brought her home in our big stainless bowl on our kitchen scale. I just love her face and the hint of her toes in this week's picture.

How many people can say that they had a baby the same year as two of their sisters? I know three for sure! :) Here's Wesley, Hannah and Deklan, chilling out on Granny's deck.

In case you thought I'd forgotten about him, here's the latest picture of Michael being his goofy self.

Rebekah and Emma both love dresses - and recently they got matching ones! Too cute, girls.

That's all for now!

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  1. Yay! She IS a great addition! She has such an awesome smile!

    Cute pictures, and yes Michael is a silly silly guy!


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