Wednesday 16 September 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

Mommy! Look how little her feet are!

How much does Hannah's profile match her Daddy's??

The outfit I bought because I was sure that Thumper was a girl. I was right. ;)

Ducky's not the only one who is planning World Domination. Mwahahahhaaaa...


  1. Aww! Hannah looks so cute when she's evil!

    Mwahahaha! Beanie and Thumper will take over da world!! Mwahahahaha!!

    Bad, bad babies.

  2. Those tights with the polka dots are so cute!

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl!

  3. Yes. The polka dot tights ARE cute. :) Rebekah picked out that outfit for Hannah.

  4. I never noticed the profile thing! That is so cute.

    I love the outfit you bought her. Sooo girly.


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