Sunday 23 August 2009

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

It's my sister's golden birthday today! :D

Happy 23rd, Sarah!

Hope you're enjoying your very-own-not-shared-with-anyone-else birthday! ;)

Lots of love from all of Us.


  1. Happy Birfday! Woooooohooooot.

    Except, we didn't go to Scotland. -_- But, I guess Deklan makes up for that! ^.^

    Special note: My wv is Gerworaf, and Sarah, I totally think you should name your next kid that. Boy or girl, doesn't matter.

  2. I'm not a dwarf or an orc, Linda. Those names are fantastical.

    No, we didn't get to Scotland... oh well. Deklan kinda threw a wrench into those works. But I wouldn't give him back for a million trips to Scotland.

    Hurray for my birthday! And now I'm 23. So odd.

    Man am I ever puffy in that picture! It's amazing how swollen I was and I didn't even realize it. My face looks normal now! Well, as normal as my face can look.... :p


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