Monday 17 August 2009

And he's only 5!

Michael has been enjoying his summer.

He got to play t-ball this year, after waiting two years to be old enough!

He swings...
... and gets to first!

Now's his chance to catch the ball. :)

He also up and decided last week that he wanted to learn how to ride a two-wheeler. So, Jeff ran behind him for a few seconds... and let go.

Now the training wheels are off his bike, and Michael is so proud of himself. We are, too!


  1. Awesome, Mikey-Man!

    My wv is "unies" which reminds me of underwear for some reason.

  2. Yay Michael!! He's a big kid now.

    BTW, can I just say how freakin photogenic that kid is!?! He's beautiful.


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