Monday 15 June 2009

Phase one has begun!

Justin had an orthodontist appt. today, and finally got his appliance and his braces!

Here's the before shot.
And, here's his new smile! :) (Of course, he had to have green braces. ;)

I get to turn his appliance once a day starting next week. Muahahahaaa.... ;) This will (hopefully) expand his upper palate to fix his cross bite.

He's on a liquid diet for the rest of today, and starting tomorrow, he can only have soft foods. No more steak for Justin!

He has to learn how to talk again, and it's a riot to hear him try to pronounce words... especially those that have an 's' in them. :D In a few days, he should be used to it enough that he'll be able to talk again.

So glad that we've begun.


  1. Awesome, next time I see Justin I'll have to tell him hes got green things stuck on his teeth.

  2. YYEAAH! Woo for phase one! That's awesome.

  3. Cool! It will be nice to see the results. Hang in there, Justin. Before long, you'll have a beautiful smile, and you'll be able to chew anything you want.

    Including steak!

  4. Hurray for fixing the cross-bite! I loathe my cross-bite, even though it's little.

    Also, green braces are the BOMB! Justin and I share a favourite colour, so we do. :)

  5. and the ladies will love your straight teeth!!

  6. post a now one now!


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