Saturday, 16 May 2009

Quin is 9!

Today is my nephew Quinlan's 9th birthday! He has stolen away my two oldest for the weekend, as well as another cousin, and his uncle! :) Granny even brought her trailer over so the boys could camp. Lucky guys! Hope you're all having fun.

Here are two of my favourite Quinnie pictures:

Isn't he adorable?

Happy 9th Birthday, Quin! xxoo


  1. It's the eyelashes! Those super long, thick, amazing eyelashes... that's what makes Quin so darned cute!

    Happy birthday Quinny!

  2. Yes, he is adorable. I haven't seen that one of him in the grass....but I like it, I like it alot.

    And Sarah, it's also those dimples. They slay me.

  3. Quinlan, I laughed out loud at your cryptic (short) answer: Thanks. LOL. I guess you agree that you are adorable, and that you have amazing eyelashes. Just don't bat them TOO much. Wait for the right girl...say in about 15 years.

    LOVE YA!


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