Monday 25 May 2009

It's finally time!

Saturday was a beautiful day. We had taken down some old, falling apart wood in the Prowler, and put up brand new plywood on the ceiling and cottage pine on the wall. It looks so nice now!

Once we got that done, we decided we might as well haul the trailers down to the campsite, since it was finally dry enough. Once we got the Prowler positioned, and got "Bernice", our kids/guest trailer in the right spot, we figured... why not get all the camping stuff out?

So, out came the carpets, the bistro set, the umbrellas, the picnic tables, the campstove... etc. Jeff got the hole dug for the new fire pit. And then we thought, since everything is down here... why not camp tonight?

So, we did! :)

We had bought a new Bola Ball set, so Jeff and three of the kids played a game.

While they were playing, Ethan was enjoying the campfire with me.

We were treated to a pretty sky at sunset. We did hear a little smattering of rain through the night, but it wasn't much, and everything was dry when the kids woke up.

The next morning, the kids were happy with their first campout of the season! :) They waited in our trailer for our bacon, eggs and fried potatoes breakfast while Jeff and I had our coffee. (And, they had some grapes while they were waiting too.)

It was a lot of fun, and a great kick-off to the camping season! Now, we just have to get the last of our camping stuff, including the tent trailer, down and we're all set! Summer, here we come!


  1. But I can't see pictures of the trailer renovations!!!

    Otherwise, great pictures, great post! We haven't camped yet, but we've had a couple of campfires. E & T have been sleeping in the trailer, too. They say it's too hot upstairs, but I think they just like it out there.

  2. Yay for camping!! Great pics.... the campsite looks great. Can't wait till I'm there.

  3. Hurray!

    Looks like a load of fun!

    I haven't been camping much, but hopefully this year I can come! I don't think there's anything better than a yummy breakfast cooked after a night of camping, you wake up all fuzzy eyed, chilly, and hungry - it's great!

  4. Woooooooo!

    WV: toalicar

    I think it's the French pronunciation of "toe-licker".

  5. wan can we go!!mom


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