Saturday 9 May 2009

At the bush.

Thursday was a beautiful day... just right for a trip to the bush! Jeff and the boys had spent a few hours cutting up wood the day before, so we headed back to get another load done.

While Jeff was busy cutting up the log into the perfect size for our woodstove, the kids and I went exploring.

We found fresh deer tracks! They weren't there the night before when the boys were in the bush. There were big ones, and little ones. Doe and fawn, likely.

And of course, we found piles and piles of trilliums. They are so pretty!

Then Ethan spotted something we've never seen before....

A maroon trillium!! It was so pretty. All alone, behind a tree, away from the sea of white behind it.

And then, it was time to load the old spreader.

Kids heading to grab all the smaller pieces... the others were to big for them to load!

Hurray for another load of wood! We're glad to have our own bush, so that with just a little effort we have the fuel to heat our house in the winter.


  1. Great pictures. And boy, are you ever blessed to have that maroon trillium back there! Nice.

  2. Looks like a busy yet fun workday. Get pictures.

  3. GREAT pics! I'll go back to the kitchen.

  4. Yay for firewood!

    Oh man.. reading this, I got a funny aching feeling in my chest, thinking that someday Tyler and I will be going to the bush, with our kids tagging along to help....

    Ah! I'm going to cry!

    Lovely pictures, and really beautiful trilliums! You are so lucky. :)


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