Wednesday 22 April 2009

Happy 25th Birthday, Matt!

Yes, again. ;) I can't help it. There are so many people in my family... I think every month but February has at least one birthday in it. :)

My baby brother, Matt is 25 today. He was the first of my siblings that I really helped take care of. The words "Deeda do dit!" frequently rang through the house... especially if Heather tried to help Matti-man with anything. ;)

When Rebekah was one and two, she had a pink hat. Matt grabbed it whenever he had the chance - I think pink is his favourite. ;)

Everyone knows that Matt doesn't photograph well. He can NOT smile for the camera. He always looks like a total dork. (So far, it hasn't passed on to his kids, thankfully. ;)

Here is Matt in his touque. Ahem. We won't discuss what it looks like on top of his head. ;)

Matt and the latest addition to his family, Levi. See what I mean about the smile?

Love ya even with the retarded smile, Matti-man. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Good post. But, your pictures didn't QUITE convey how dorky he really is. It was close though.


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