Monday 2 February 2009

Wiarton Willie has spoken!!

It's official.

Wiarton Willie, our famous albino groundhog, saw his shadow this morning.

So, we are stuck with six more weeks of winter. Yay. But somehow, in my heart, I know it's only a month and a half till spring. ;) Either way, as long as we can get through the month of February, which is shorter than most, we will arrive into March. And, the snow melts in March. :D I know, I know, sometimes it comes back, but really, once we get to March, the end of winter is here.

And, the sun shone all day yesterday, and it's shining again right now. :) Makes a person a lot happier when there's sunshine.


  1. I KNOW!! I don't care what the stupid groundhog says. This is February. In March, winter ends. It does. I keep telling myself that. Just ONE month away!

  2. I substituted The Cat for Wiarton Willie. The forecast was the same :)

  3. Yay for sunshine! Although it made my eyes water while I was driving.

    I really should remember my sunglasses, but then I usually don't need them...

  4. Winter is fighting off a terrible disease called "Warm". Prognosis is grim. I predict a slow death, probably within the next month and a half.

    Goodbye, Winter. Good riddance.

  5. Awww, that's the kind of attitude that makes snowmobilers and skiers and ice-fisher-folk all weepy eyed.

    As for me - where's a good rat-skinner's knife when you need one?

    Hooray for dandelions! Bring 'em on! Soon! Please!


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