Thursday 8 January 2009

Sunshine and Laser Tag

It's actually sunny here today! At least, for now. It's streaming in my windows, and putting a huge glare on my monitor. But, it's also very very warm and comforting on my back. :)

We gave our kids Laser Tag for Christmas. They love it. There's always two, or three, or all four running around the house shooting each other. We're getting used to the sounds of a kid who's been neutralized, and one who has only one shot left till he's dead. Screams of 'Heal me, Heal me!!' reverberate through the house. I think it was a very good buy, and I can't wait till spring comes, when they can take the battle outside. ;)

We've been battling some form of stomach bug for the last few days. Only Becky and Michael have succumbed so far, and Becky had the worst of it. But, I think they're actually on the mend. Becky went to dance yesterday, and had a great time. (I wouldn't have sent her if I didn't think she was doing okay. Her ears were back to pink, instead of white, so I think she's healed. :)

My computer doesn't smell, my kids haven't barfed for a few days, screams of happy kids bounce off my walls, and it's sunny outside. All in all, a good day today. :)


  1. Hurray! Gotta love good days like that.

    I'm glad the icky smell is gone from your computer. It was a dead mouse, right? Those little buggers can hide pretty much anywhere! It would gross me out, too.

  2. Yes, it was a mouse.

    And, it was totally DISGUSTING!! And, that's all I have to say about that. ;)

  3. Yes, that does sound like a good day indeed. Especially the part where no gross smells are to be smelled. I bet you're all like "YES..."

  4. But where are the pictures of kids and laser tag? Dying screaming, "Heal me!" Of course, video would be even better.


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