Tuesday 27 January 2009

It's Pruney's Birthday!!

Hurray! Our pruney has made it all the way to 19 years old!

There was a time that we didn't think he'd make it past a few weeks, and here he is, all growed up. *Sniff, sniff*

Here are some pics of Daniel...

Daniel, eating at Creekside.

Daniel, eating at the fireworks.

Daniel, eating at Thanksgiving.

Daniel, eating at our Scary Party.

It seemed like every picture I had of Daniel involved him consuming some sort of food. Or, it was this face:
Finally, I found one that was decent.

Daniel and Heidi

I think he must eat so much to fill in all the wrinkles. ;) We always sang him a special 'prune' song when he was a baby. In case you don't know it, here are the lyrics to our version of the "Prune" song:

No matter how young a prune may be,
he's always full of wrinkles.
A baby prune is like his dad,
but he's not wrinkled quite so bad.
We have wrinkles on our face,
but pruney has wrinkles everyplace!

Same song, second verse, a little bit louder, a little bit worse.. (sing above lyrics again.)

Same song, third verse, a little bit louder, a whole lot worse!

No matter how young a prune may be,
he's always getting STEWED!

I found this one on youtube, looks like it's the original. The tune is almost like the one we sang our version too, so it'll give you an idea of how we used to sing it to our little prune, Daniel. :)

Happy 19th birthday, Daniel! xxoo


  1. I can NOT believe you found that song!! How awesome is that?! Yes, it amazes me as well that little Prune can now buy alcohol. Weird. How old does that make us? Really.

  2. That blog post made me hungry.


  3. The reason he's eating all the time is that he's so skinny. He HAS to eat, or he will blow away in the wind.

    I am not sure who is skinnier - Tyler or Daniel.

    We should weigh them.


  4. HA!

    I think it's pretty even. They're both bean poles.

    Tyler weighs 150 soaking wet. What does Daniel weigh?

  5. He's content when he's eating. When he's not, he is saying - "See these TEETH, they are meant for EATING! (Dumb family, common, get with the program - FEED ME!!)"

    Never mind DNA evidence, we have pictorial evidence that this is so...

  6. I took a picture of him at his birthday supper and guess what he was doing?

    Go on, guess.


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