Thursday 11 December 2008

A Dance Recital!

Rebekah and my niece Emma take dance lessons together. Last night, they had their 'works in progress' dance recital. It was just so we, the parents, could see what the girls had been working on. Nothing formal. ;) (Although, with all the requirements they had, such as: all black outfit, hair in a ponytail with the ends curled, bangs back, black mascara, red lipstick, and a little 'holiday glitter', I wonder what their 'formal' dance recital will require!!)

They were too cute. I didn't get a lot of pictures, because the batteries in my camera died. Sigh. *Note to self: CHECK BATTERIES!

Anyway, here are the few that I got.

Rebekah ready with her make-up on.

The dance has started!

Becky and Emma hopping across the room.

Trying not to hit the post. ;)

The congo line at the end of their routine.

It was very cute. They also did a 'secret' Christmas dance that they've been working on for the last few weeks. The girls weren't allowed to tell us anything about it. The older girls did that routine with them, and it was so cute!

We also got to watch the competition Cheerleader group do their routine... Wow! No wonder they won the competition in Toronto. They were really good.

And, we also got to watch the boy's Hip-Hop crew do their thing. The older two boys (you can see them sitting by the wall in the last picture) were Seriously. Flipping and jumping and popping... wow. It was like our very own demonstration from So You Think You Can Dance!

So, when they do their 'formal' routine at the end of the year, I promise I'll check my batteries before I go.. and I'll even bring a spare or two.

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