Tuesday 23 December 2008

Enya - One Toy Soldier

I've been listening to the Christmas Songs channel on my Satellite - one of my favourite things at this time of year. I heard this song, and had to hear it again. It's just lovely. I like Enya anyway, but I think I actually might go out and buy this CD. Have a listen, and see what you think.


  1. That is pretty. I like Enya, her music is just so beautiful, it speaks to your soul. :)

    I need Christmas music! I don't have any... except for a couple CDs of cheap generic Christmas junk music that I bought, but I don't like them so much. Need gooood music.

  2. I LOVE ENYA!!!!

    I saw this CD and I thought "OOooooo!"

    Indeed I did. I love Enya. :D :D


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