Saturday 1 November 2008

A Scary Party!

We had a Scary Party for Hallowe'en this year. With multiple food allergies in the family, we thought it would be best to just have a fun, safe party this year, instead of going trick-or-treating and then having to throw out most of the candy.

First, it's our hostess-with-the-mostest, the Good Witch of the East, Sarah.
Then, we have on the right, recently unwigged Tyler, and Jeff the "Terribly Important Nudist on Strike." ;)
Ninja Linda, and Daniel's best Kenny impression.
Pat, rockin' Tyler's wig.
That wig got around. Even Brady got in on the action. ;)
Elena the Pirate. (We still haven't figured out why she's a boy pirate...) But the scar is pretty cool.
Tiana - one of the pair of Indians on the premises. I think she's doing a rain dance. (Or is that a candy dance? ;)
Linda the Ninja's enemy - Critter the Ninja.
Trenton as Peter Griffin. He even had the laugh down to a "T".
And, I think this was my favourite, Stewie the Chick Magnet. :D
Michael was one of the Three Pirate Musketeers. I didn't get a picture of Justin or Ethan.. but they all looked similar.
Emma made a beautiful Fairy Princess.
The twins came as themselves... cutie patooties!
It was soon time for the food! There were ghosts, caramel apples, dog poop, nuts, bones and guts for dipping, and coconut eyeballs. Yum!
And, the last picture is....

Rebekah, the Queen Bee, enjoying her snack!
We had such a great time! Maybe we'll make this an annual tradition. We'd be even better next year! :)


  1. Hurray for scary party!!

    I would LOVE to have it again next year, though I would recommend high chairs for any and all babies. It's not much fun scrubbing whipped & baked egg whites and chocolate cake out of the crevices of my computer and the spaces between the floorboards... okay I admit it's a little bit fun, because I like to clean. I'm weird.

    You got such good pictures! Mine were few, and not so good as yours. My camera's flash isn't as powerful.... maybe I could tinker with my pics on Photoshop and get them to look better.

  2. Well, the flash of my camera IS awesome... but so is the 'auto enhance' button in Photo Studio. ;) Sometimes they need a little enhancing, just to make them a bit brighter.

    Next year we'll plan for it at the beginning of October.. and not two days before. ;) Just imagine what we could do!!

  3. I think we should make it a tradition, it's good to give Sarah some work to do other than doting on her hubby and dogs. ;)


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