Thursday 18 September 2008

Mmmmm... Chicken!!

Today was the day. The deed is done. We now have 228.07 POUNDS of chicken ready for the freezer! Yum! We are letting them age overnight in the fridge/coolers.

We ended up with:

2 over 11 lbs (one is 11.75!)
1 over 10 lbs
10 over 9 lbs
7 over 8 lbs
3 over 7 lbs
2 over 6lbs
and one itty bitty just over 4 lbs. (She must have been the henpecked one.)

Guess what's for supper Saturday night. ;) And, we'll also be having home-grown potatoes, squash, onions and green beans!! Gotta love a supper that you grew yourself. :D


  1. Yay! Chicken!


    And all clean and nice with someone ELSE putting the work into it. My favourite!

  2. YOU KILLED YOUR LITTLE ITTY_BITTY ONE? The poor wee creature! Never had a chance to grow, and now she bit the dust. You'll have to cook her along with a big one, and just send her with Jeff in his lunch box, for a snack. One bite, and she'll be gone.

    Now, OUR itty-bitty one has a name (Clara) and has been assigned the status of pet. I doubt very much we'll be able to kill her. She doesn't cluck, she peeps. How do you kill a itty-bitty chicken who peeps, AND lets you hold her and pet her?

    Not I, said the Mom.


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