Monday 8 September 2008

It's September already!

And, we're back to school.
We had a great vacation at Auburn Riverside, and Creekside! ;)

We arrived at Riverside on Aug. 28. It stopped raining long enough for us to get the entire campsite set up and ready to go.

Playing guns with big sticks. :)
Yay for camping!

The next morning, Jeff 'borrowed' Ethan's bike, and had a little ride. :)

Then, we went for a walk/bike ride on the trail along the Maitland River. The scenery was beautiful!

After that, it was time for a swim. The pool was a teeth-chattering 73 degrees! Talk about refreshing! :)

On August 30, Jeff and the kids took the wagon ride to go see the elk. They are HUGE! The antlers on the male were incredible.
Sunday morning we had a relaxing morning by the fire. Michael thought it was super-fun to sit on the block of wood I was using as a side table for my coffee.

Enough sitting, time for a run up the little trail up to the playground!

Jeff and Michael waiting for the boys.

Justin did so much biking that his hair was in permanent 'helmet head'. :)

And, here's the picture of our campfire. We had so much fun that we've booked the same site for next year! Want to come?

Stay tuned... I've got pictures of our Creekside vacation, too.

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