Monday 25 August 2008

Beach Day!

Well, we finally were able to have beach day the other day! I know, I know, we live 10 minutes from a beautiful beach, and this was the first beach day of the year?!? (In all honesty, I don't really like the beach... too dirty. :P But, it's fun once in a while.)

Granny wanted all the boys lined up in front of the water. It was a challenge to get them all to stand - especially Matthew. :) They were told to jump, and are in various stages of doing just that.
Heather had peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies - which made her all the babies' very best friend! :)Fun in the water.
Matthew and Heidi loved playing in the sand. You can almost hear Heidi as she makes her 'truck' sounds. You can tell she lives with a bunch of brothers.
While we were on the beach, there was a little tiny rainbow - two of them, actually. Just little pieces of colour. Very cool.
Ava was so cute walking around. She still looks too little to walk.Matthew's favourite thing was playing in the big hole the boys were making. He'd crawl in, crawl out, bounce around, and do it again! Too funny.And of course, no beach day is complete without a game of war guys. Nothing like charging around chasing your cousins (or uncle ;) and falling dramatically into the sand. :)
It was a fun afternoon. Maybe next time, you'll join us.

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