Thursday 7 August 2008

7 Weeks Old!

Yes, that's right. Our cute, little, baby chicks are now 7 weeks old!

They have been so much fun! The kids go out every day to check on the chicks, and bring them treats - kitchen scraps, leaves, etc. They even go hunting for crickets! :) (I hear the best spot is around the outhouse.)Just look at this guy enjoying a fresh leaf from Justin! :)

We still haven't decided if we'll process them ourselves, or take them somewhere to have it done. Jeff is leaning towards just taking them somewhere this year. Maybe next time we'll get a little braver. ;) But we're all looking forward to some tasty chicken this winter!


  1. eeew... chicken killing. It scarred me for life, don't put your kids through it!!!!! Think of the children, won't somebody think of the children????

    By the way, love love LOVE the new header!! It is SO cute!! :D :D :D

  2. Don't pay attention to lilly-liver Sarah - just give the kids a hatchet and let 'em at those chickens...


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