Thursday 5 June 2008

A trip to the dentist

Today was our family's 6 month check-up at the dentist. Even Michael got to go today for his very first appointment! He's been waiting for a year to be old enough to get checked.

First was Justin. He has two small cavities in his baby teeth that they've been watching. They didn't get any worse, so he still doesn't need to have them filled. Yay!

Next was Becky. She also has two small cavities, but they didn't need to be filled yet, either. Yay!

Then, it was Ethan's turn. He got the scaling and flossing and polishing over with, and was waiting for the dentist to finish his phone call and come and check his teeth.

And waiting.And waiting some more.Finally the dentist came. He has no cavities! Yay!

And, last was Michael. He was so excited to get into the chair. According to both the hygienist, who does all the cleaning and polishing, and the dentist, he has perfect teeth. No cavities, and perfect spacing. Hurray! Hopefully he'll end up with teeth like mine. I got complimented on them again today. Gotta love a dentist who appreciates straight teeth! :D

Oh - and Jeff and I didn't have any cavities either. Yay! So, we're good to go until December.

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