Monday 9 June 2008

Michael's 4th Birthday - a little party

What fun! Everyone was supposed to come and camp for the weekend, but it worked out that no one could stay. :(

We still had a lot of fun for the afternoon and evening!

Granny brought Michael a present in fancy wrapping paper. :) He LOVED it! Now instead of using twigs and grass for a boat in the creek, he has a real one.

The kids all played catch. It's more fun when there's more than two!

I think Michael and Nathan were supposed to be finding the ball... but they were having more fun hiding in the long grass!
Next, Michael opened a present from Aunt Heather, Uncle Steve, Quin, Nate, Emma and Ava. A remote control car!! COOL!And he got a new Canada hat, chocolate bar and five dollars from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Tyler, and 4 loonies for his piggy bank from Aunt Linda.

And of course, he got to blow out his candles on his chocolate cake. Yum. As you can see in the background, we got the campfire going, and he got to have Toasted Marshmallows, too! What a great day!
The next morning, he couldn't wait to try his new car, and wear his new hat. He even let his brothers and sister try out the car! (Can you see it's reflection in the window? Someone else is giving it a whirl... literally. ;)

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