Tuesday 17 June 2008

Getting ready for chickens!

Slowly, but surely we are getting ready for chickens. We are getting 30 meat birds in just two days. We (at least, the kids and I ;) are excited. Jeff, not so much.

After much deliberation, we decided to clean out our little garden shed, and put the chicks in there. We even put patio stones over the top of the plywood floor, in hopes of stopping any chewing critters. (Little animals, not my brother. ;) Although, if he was here and hungry, I guess it would stop him, too.)
The patio stones didn't cover the floor completely, so we used some old bricks, and an old fence post to fill in the gaps. Hopefully it'll be enough.

We made a circle out of some leftover sheet metal. We used an old pool noodle to cover the sharp edge of the side that we'll be using. (Don't worry, we're also going to put tape over the seams.)
We put a big piece of plastic down over the floor. The theory is that the plastic will stop any chicken nastiness from falling down in between the cracks of the stones and staining the plywood floor underneath. Then, we're going to put newspaper down where the chicks are going to be.

Jeff stopped at the Auburn Co-op on his way to work, and $140 dollars later {gasp, choke!!} we own a heat lamp, a 7 gallon waterer, a 5 gallon feeder, and some chick starter.

Bring on the chicks!


  1. Yay for chicks! We're getting ours the day after tomorrow.

    Nice visitor in the new photo, too. :D I hope he didn't eat all the minnows. 0.o

  2. FINALLY!! Someone noticed the picture. It's been changed for almost a month. ;)

    He was very huge. And very cool. I don't think he ate all the minnows, since we have two guys that come and take them every spring. (Buggers.)

  3. I can't see anything! The picture is too small. Is it an otter? A bear? What what what??

  4. Ahhhh, if you go to that much trouble for a few measly chickens, I look forward to when I'm old 'n crochety (coming up quick) when it's my turn to live with you guys. Hmmm... (okay self)- think hot-tubs, spa, steam room, pool and someone else's fridge for a change.


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