Wednesday 4 June 2008


So, I have started doing copywork with Justin and Ethan again. I figured that their printing wouldn't get any better if they weren't actually printing. :)

This morning, I chose Romans 8:28. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose."

As I was writing it on the chalkboard, I was blown away yet again. We know that all things work together for good! Wow! What a reminder! Even what we think is a terrible thing, is GOOD.

Hitting two deer 11 days apart? Good! :) Losing a much-wanted and longed-for baby? Good! Job insecurities? Good! Breaking a finger? Good!

I'm so glad that I can say not only do I love God, but he loves me. I am called according to His purpose. Nothing will happen to me or those I love that doesn't fall into His perfect plan.

Isn't that awesome?


  1. Absolutely. :) I love that verse. It's mind-boggling and yet so very soothing at the exact same time. God is good!

  2. Who broke a finger?

    And yes, God is awesome! We who know that are truly blessed.

  3. I thought Tiana did.

    And, I was coming down the stairs the other day, without my crocs on, and I slipped down a stair. Luckily, I was holding onto the wall, and only went down one, but somehow I jammed my 3rd and 4th fingers on my left hand. They were swollen, and hurt. I don't think they're broken, but I think my 3rd finger is shorter. Must've squished my knuckle or something.


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