Thursday 29 May 2008

Moving the cement - without hurting the eggs

What eggs, you say? Well, we have a Killdeer that has nested in our garden for the last few years. She doesn't bother us, since her eggs hatch before we really start working in the garden, and we love watching the nest to see if we can see the babies hatch.

When the guy pulled a huge piece of cement out of our old well, he put it on the garden. (Luckily, we hadn't planted anything yet!) We weren't really happy, but I don't think his little backhoe could have moved it much farther - it's a honkin' piece of cement.

Jeff hooked a chain around it to get it stood up. It worked! Yay!

Then, he unhooked the chain, and put it around the other side. He drove the tractor over, without crushing the nest. He hooked it up again, and was able to drag it almost to the edge of the garden, when it fell over. Sigh. At least it fell onto it's flat side. So, he had to dig under it to get the chain out, and hooked it up again. The tractor was just able to slide it down the hill a little bit.
And, there it stays. At least for now. But, it's not in the garden anymore! :D

And the eggs are fine.

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  1. Aww, a Kildeer! I love those birds. Their call is so distinctive, you can hear them from miles away!

    I remember finding a kildeer nest when I was little. And actually holding a kildeer baby. They are so fuzzy and cute!

    (I wouldn't go pick one up now, though, now that I know better... but I don't regret the memory of fuzzy cuteness.)


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