Wednesday 21 May 2008

Boys and baseball

Justin and Ethan are both playing baseball this year. Justin is a Mite, and Ethan is a Pre-Mite. They were so excited to get their ball uniforms this week!Justin's uniform is brand-spanking new. Ethan's is the same one Justin wore last year. (Not the exact shirt, which we were hoping for.) Justin's first game was Tuesday night against Crediton - and they won 20-3! He had a base hit both times he was at bat, and he was able to score one run. He also played Shortstop, First Base, and Right field. He did a great job!

Ethan's first game is next Monday, and he's really excited. So far, he's had two practices, and really enjoys it.

Ah, the joys of summer!

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  1. The boys look spiffy in their new uniforms!

    Critter had a great soccer game tonight. They lost, 6 - 1, but that didn't dampen his enthusiasm. He told me that his team only had 11 players, and Seaforth had hundreds! (Do you think he exaggerates a bit too much?)

    Anyway, the other team had lots of subs, which meant they were fresh.

    But win or lose, Critter had a blast. So, it's all good.


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